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soft cover

Nov. 2001

war memoirs
Shaking Hands New Guinea Front Eji Sasaki

/After the end of World War II, when we thought war had finally ceased, terrorist acts occurred, and now we live in an age where we see people killing each other vividly on TV." Shaking Hands" is my own history, but as someone who has lived through nine deaths, I wrote it with the hope that people all over the world will somehow shake hands in peace. I wrote this book after experiencing the harsh and severe life on the battlefield, which was a complete change from my happy student days. There are many parts of this book that are too personal, and I am sure there are many people who had much more tragic experiences than I did. I will be very happy if this helps you to understand how extreme and tragic the battlefield is. (Comments by the author, Mr. Eji Sasaki)