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ありがとう 意識の流れ 姉妹編 塩川香世 A5size
soft cover
Aug. 2006. spiritual
Thank you
(first edition)
"Flow of Consciousness"
companion volume
Kayo Shiokawa

/ The author, who wrote "Flow of Consciousness" in the form of receiving consciousness from Tomekichi Taike, talks about his own background and how he came across "learning to face the mind".

「ありがとう」初版 日本ライトハウス・音訳者による朗読
Read aloud by Japan Lighthouse

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 On Publication 04m02s  1.84mb 


13m05s  5.99mb 
 The disease of my father and the path toward reliance on false god.  28m54s  13.2mb 

 My marriage

29m47s  13.6mb 
 The disease and death of my husband 21m29s  9.83mb 
 I could join the semiar finally 14m58s  685mb 
 The disease of my father and the path toward the truth 1h10m28s  32.2mb 
 The meeting with Mr.Tomekichi Taike was all about 47m44s  21.8mb 
 As for the website 36m14s  16.5mb 
 conclusion 01m20s  063mb