Title Sub Title Author Size year of issue Genre
疑似体験中文生活 久米ひろみ A5saize
soft cover

Apr. 2006

language study
Chinese used by Chinese people Chinese not in use Pseudo-experience/ Chinese Language Life Hiromi Kume

/ One day after the author returned from China, she received a request from a friend she met in China. He was planning to open a "Chinese Salon" in his hometown. He was asked to write an essay-style document that could be used as a teaching material for the "Chinese Salon", and this is the book he started writing. This book can be used as a teaching material for studying Chinese. Even people who do not know any Chinese can enjoy reading this book. The living Chinese language can be a guide for people living in China. What kind of situations, what kind of Chinese, and what kind of nuances ...... are completely practical Chinese.Kan's memoir and published it.