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ؗEƂ̉Ƒ aAkۂ̂x@ ؗm duodecimo
soft cover

Feb. 2012

personal history
Isamu Motoki
and his family
Records of a Police Officer in Hokusetsu
in the Showa Era
Hiromi Motoki

/It is said that there is no point in looking back on the past, but I wanted to write down the evidence of my father's hard work and sincere life, so I compiled it into this book. My father's strong mentality may not fit in with the market economy and the need for rationality in today's blessed society. In addition, in a society that demands rationality and even truncation, what my father used to say on a daily basis may be seen as prehistoric spiritualism. The Showa era was a turbulent time, as seen through the eyes of a police officer in the Hokusetsu area of Osaka.