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KEKANŒûq^¼”öŒª‹g•Ò A5saize
soft cover

Nov. 2001

war memoirs
Memoir of a student at Lushun University of Technology A Chinese with Three Homelands Narrated by K. Kan / Edited by Kenkichi Matsuo

/ This book is about a Chinese man, KAN, who was born in Dalian on China's northeastern Liaodong Peninsula, and graduated from elementary school, middle school, college prep school, and main course, all of which were Japanese schools. After more than 20 years in Taiwan, he was granted permanent residency in Singapore and then citizenship by a private company for his work achievements, and now he is struggling to establish a Taiwanese flour mill in China, where he was once chased away. This book was written by an alumnus of Lushun University of Technology, who transcribed the dictation of Mr. Kan's memoir and published it.