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西谷尚雄 duodecimo
soft cover

May. 2006

March to Heaven The Genius of Brass Band
The Life of Takeshi Tokutsu
Hisao Nishitani

/ Takeshi Tokutsu is the man who took the then-unknown Imazu Junior High School Brass Band and turned it into the best brass band in Japan, winning the national championship 15 times in a row.
The person who wrote the story of Mr. Tokutsu into a book was Mr. Hisao Nishitani, who was working for Dentsu at the time and was known as a genius in the world of commercials. At the time, Mr. Nishitani was the first person in the world of commercials to successfully use a Hollywood star, Charles Bronson, and was selected as one of the 100 greatest Japanese commercials of all time. Mr. Nishitani fell in love with Takeshi Tokutsu and planned to make a movie about him at Toho. Indeed, the title and even the name of the lead actor, Toshiyuki Nishida, were announced in the 1989 Toho lineup. However, the film was put on hold. The details are not clear, but almost 30 years have passed since then, and Mr. Hisao Nishitani, who planned the film adaptation, decided to publish it at least as a "book" to preserve it.