Collection of
Japanese "Sound"&"Forms"

01 / Humpback Whale
Love Songs 2007(Zamami)
02 / Kayoi Whale Song
03 /English teaching records from the early Showa era 04 /European ancient music introduced to Japan in the 16th century (Amakusa) 05 /Recitation of
"Ogura Hyakunin Isshu" (Kyoto)
06 /History of the Greater East Asia War by a 9-year-old 07 /News broadcast of the start of the Pacific War 08 / The Emperor's broadcast announcing the end of the war 09 /Testimonies of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Survivors 10 /The Music of "Hojoki"
Secret Music"Takuboku"
11 /Comic Story"My Family" 12 /Nursery Rhyme
"Dog on 4th Street"
13 /Nursery Rhyme
"My Doll"
14 /Japanese doll
Young warrior on horseback
15 /Japanese doll
Geisha reading a letter
16 /Japanese doll  Young merchant in the Edo period 17 /Japanese doll Hero boy of Japanese folklore ”Kintaro” 18 /Japanese doll  Japan's Medieval Young Warriors 19 /Japanese doll  Hero boy of folklore ”Ushiwaka-maru” 20 /Japanese doll
Japan's Female Warlords
21 /New Hinomaru Children's Record No. 11 22 /New Hinomaru Children's Record No. 12 23 /Teichiku Children's
Records No. 1
24 /Teichiku Children's
Records No. 2