Title Sub Title Author Size year of issue Genre
\\ \gEAndrew F. Thomas

7 inch vinyl record
B6size Brochure

October, 1936

Engrish Educational Records
Inoue English Lecture Records Jukichi Inoue
Andrew F. Thomas

/A vinyl record and booklet for English correspondence courses published in 1936, before the Pacific War.

This sound source is taken from a vinyl record that was recorded about 100 years ago. Because of this, the audio is very unclear. Please understand.


Record 1-A and 1-B are missing
Record 2-A=Columbus / Record 2-B=Sir Walter Raleigh
Record 3-A=William Tell / Record 3-B=A Night With A Wolf
Record 4-A=Brave Deed / Record 4-B=A Casabianca
Record 5-A=A Boat Race/ Record 5-B=The Day is Done
Record 6-A=On The Contact Of Life / Record 6-B=Habits