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広島自爆者の証言 沼田鈴子さん 1945年8月15日
Testimonies of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Survivors Emperor Showa August 15, 1945


Overview / Ms. Suzuko Numata has been working as a "storyteller" in Hiroshima Peace Park, sharing her A-bomb experience. To convey the preciousness of peace and the importance of life to many people, including students on school excursions, she continued to talk about her own A-bomb experience and the rest of her life.
Ms. Numata was 21 years old when she experienced the atomic bombing in the summer of 1945. One of her legs was amputated, her fiancé was killed in the war, and she lost the will to live.
"As a survivor, he appeals for non-nuclear weapons. As a survivor, she appealed for non-nuclear weapons, but at the same time, she wondered why the atomic bomb was dropped on her head, and visited various parts of Asia to learn more about the reality of war. She also continued to confront the people who were affected by the war with Japan.

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Suzuko Numata, who has been sharing her A-bomb experience at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.