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敗戦時の天皇の玉音放送 昭和天皇 1945年8月15日
The Emperor's broadcast announcing
the defeat of the war
Emperor Showa August 15, 1945


Overview / On August 14, 1945, Japan accepted the Potsdam Declaration and surrendered to the Allies. The Japanese people learned of the end of the war through the Emperor's "tama-on" (at that time, the Emperor's voice was called "tama-on" and was given special treatment) broadcast at noon on the following day, August 15. For many people who had cooperated in the so-called 15-year war, believing it to be a "holy war," the Emperor's broadcast was truly unbelievable, and the surrender of Japan was an unbelievable fact.

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Female students weeping in the square in front of the Imperial Palace upon hearing the news of defeat.