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山口県長門市の「通鯨唄」 通鯨唄保存会 録音
Humpback Whale Love Songs Recording by Zamami Whale Watching Association Recorded in 2007

/「通(かよい)鯨唄」は、約400年前に長州毛利藩直営の通鯨組の人々が、全ての集いで唄いならしてきた労働歌であり、祝い唄です。長門市通(かよい)地方の人々は、当時大漁を祝ってこの「通鯨唄(かよいくじらうた)」を歌い、捕鯨をしなくなった今も歌い伝えています。 祝い歌でありながらも鯨の冥福を祈り、拍子をとる際に手を叩かずにもみ手で歌います。

Overview / The "Kayoi Whale Song" is a labor and celebration song that has been sung by the Kayoi whale catchers of Nagato City for about 400 years.The people of the Koyoi area of Nagato City sang this song to celebrate their big catches in those days, and even today, when whaling is no longer practiced, they still sing it. Although it is a celebratory song, it is sung with firmer hands instead of clapping hands when the beat is taken to pray for the souls of the whales.
Every year, at the Kayoi Whale Festival, an ancient whaling ceremony is reenacted and the "Kaoyi Whale Song" is performed.

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