Title ub Title Player Recording time year of issue Genre
テイチク児童レコード No.1
―― 山中美代子/菊島静子/武田玲

A = 2m21s
B = 2m25s

early Showa period?

Children's Song
Teichiku Children's
Record No. 1
Miyoko Yamanaka / Shizuko Kikushima /
Rei Takeda
A = 2m23s
B = 2m19s

The village's ramshackle wagon / 2.mandarin orange mountain / 3.tick-tock clock / 4.Lullaby for Dolls

Record A=The village's ramshackle wagon Record B=mandarin orange mountain
Record A=tick-tock clock Record B=Lullaby for Dolls